The Challenge

BikeExchange is an online marketplace for all things Bikes.  They had a very successful websites operating in markets in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain & Ireland but did were missing the crucial channels for their mobile clientele: Apps.

Stride was tasked with developing a single app which works across all markets with support for different languages, currencies & payment gateways which worked not only for buyers, but also sellers who needed to list their products on the exchange.

The Process

The Stride team worked with BikeExchange to redesign the user experience for mobile, whilst retaining a familiarity to the customers of the existing website.  Being mobile a large focus was on utilising location services which now enable the customer to search the catalogue within a user defined radius of their current location.

The Results

The resulting apps for iOS and Android are fast, easy to use and have exceeded all expectations.